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I have had the pleasure of knowing these 6 phenomenal ladies since middle (some even elementary) school, so it felt pretty special that I got to document their friendship before splitting ways for college. We aimed for a golden hour shoot… but the clouds had some other plans. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a […]

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Molly’s session in downtown St. Paul was so much fun! One of my new friends, Denae, invited me to tag along and I am so happy I went. Molly runs Social Pollen, a social media agency, and had so many interesting things to share with us about creative resources and social media in general. After […]

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Listen. I wasn’t afraid¬†of photographing couples, I just never knew any or didn’t feel confident about working with them earlier on my photography journey. If you’re a photographer and feel like you’re in a similar spot: it’s BS! Couples are SO much fun and I wish I had worked with some sooner. Emma and David, […]