College Bound!


I love working with seniors. What does that typically mean? Glitz, glamour, hair and makeup, and fancy fits all in the effort to get the perfect yearbook and grad announcement photos to use nearly a year in the future. This shoot, which has become a very popular new request, is a fast forward to the end of that long process. It’s a celebration of graduation, lifelong friends, and the journey to adulthood and independence! I know, I know, that sounds incredibly sappy (and it kind of is!) but photographing best friends is something I will always find touching. There’s something so special about one-word inside jokes that leave a whole squad hunched over with laughter. That takes a special kind of bond that these girls share, and will hopefully continue to share through their journey to college. Thank you, class of 2018, for helping me discover my passion and for trusting me to document such an important time in your lives.

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